New York




John Stuart Mill
(20 May 1806-17 November 1873)
Harriet Taylor Mill
(8 October 1807-3 November 1858)


Stephen Pearl Andrews
(22 March 1812-21 May 1886)
Cornelius Vanderbilt
(27 May 1794-4 January 1877)
Senator Benjamin Butler
(5 November 1818-11 January 1893)

Women’s Rights and Suffrage

Susan B. Anthony
(15 February 1820-13 March 1906)
Paulina Wright Davis
(7 August 1813-24 August 1876)
Isabella Beecher Hooker
(22 February 1822-25 January 1907)
Laura Steele MacAlpine Cuppy Smith Kendrick
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
(12 November 1815-26 October 1902)

Spiritualists, Anarchists, and the Free Love Movement

Alfred Brisbane
(22 August 1809-1 May 1890)
Hannah Frances Morrill Brown
(1816-8 October 1881)
Warren Chase
(5 January 1813-25 February 1891)
Angela Tilton Heywood
(ca. 1840-1935)
Ezra Heywood
(29 September 1829-22 May 1893)
Moses Hull
(1836-January 1907)
Laura Steele Cuppy Smith Kendrick
(2 March 1832-11 January 1882)
Austin Kent
Juliet Stillman Severance, M.D.

(1 July 1833-3 September 1919)
Russell Thacher Trall, M.D.
(5 August 1812-23 September 1877)
Lois Waisbrooker
(21 February 1826-3 October 1909)

Fair Weather Friends

Theodore Tilton
(2 October 1835-29 May 1907)
Benjamin R. Tucker
(17 April 1854-22 June 1939)
The Rev. Henry Ward Beecher
(24 June 1813-8 March 1887)

Enemies from the Start

Catharine Beecher
(6 September 1800-12 May 1878)
Anthony Comstock
(7 March 1844-21 September 1915)
Henry James, Jr.
(15 April 1843-28 February 1916)
Henry James, Sr.
(3 June 1811-18 December 1882)
Harriet Beecher Stowe
(14 June 1811-1 July 1896)


Rueben Buckman Claflin
(born 1796-19 Nov 1885)

Roxanna "Anna" (Hummel) Claflin
(born about 1804-10 June 1889)

Victoria's Spouses

Canning Woodhull
(born 1828-7 April 1872)

Colonel J.H. Blood
(29 December 1833-29 December 1885)


Byron Woodhull
(31 December 1854-17 January 1932)

Zulu (Zula) Maud Woodhull
(28 April 1861-12 September 1940)

Tennessee's Second “Husband”

John. A. Greene
(24 January 1850-2 September 1889)


Margaret Ann (Claflin) (Miles) O’Halloran
(2 February 1827-11 May 1904)

Mary (Claflin) (Burns) Sparr
(6 January 1831-16 March 1924)

Hebern Claflin
(27 August 1835-26 April 1917)

Victoria California (Claflin) Woodhull (Blood) Martin
(23 September 1838-9 June 1927) 

Utica Vantitia Claflin (Kelley) (Brooker)
(born about 1842-9 July 1873)

Tennessee Celeste Claflin (Bartle) (Greene) Cook
(26 October 1845-18 January 1923)


New York TIMELINE 1869-1877

14 December 1868

An article appeared in the Buffalo Daily Courier (p. 1) extolling the virtues of The Magnetic Healing Institute located at 17 Great Jones Street in New York City.  "This institution is upon a magnificent scale. It is at No. 17 Great Jones Street, and presided over by one surgeon, two physicians, and two sisters, who are the professors of the above mentioned science.
     “They claim to diagnose all apparent or mysterious diseases, and prescribe so as to secure a perfect restoration, whether the disease be acute or chronic. We have seen one of the clairvoyants, and she is beautiful enough to cure anybody. She is young and childish in her manners, with Titian hair, which falls in rich masses about her head, blue eyes which wear an honest steadfast look, a symmetrical figure which is costumed in excellent taste and a pretty hand which sparkles with gems. Now we can’t see why a chronic case of heart disease should be cured at all, with such a healing medium. This lady’s name is Miss Tennessee Claflin, and while we admit that there is some power in this art of healing, we confess that we know nothing only that hopeless people go there, and after a brief stay of days or weeks, return home cured.
     “The other lady is said to be quite as charming as Miss Tennessee, and is her sister and the wife of the presiding physician, whose name is Dr. C. H. Woodhull. . . Perhaps of all the healing spots of the city, this is the most interesting to the curious speculator in mysterious things, and is the prettiest hospital in New York. Their patronage is very extensive, and men and women who would deny their belief in the supernatural go slyly to Miss Tennessee to listen to her weird talk, and to look into her lovely eyes."